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7/2/2012 12:32:18 AM (UTC+12:00)

OK, so I’ve been blogging for a whole 4 days I think it is now. Wohoo. But no matter what I do it usually involves repeated testing of different ways of doing things, ESPECIALLY if it means getting my hands on dinky software or new technology.

So I Googled blogging software, saw the same names over and over. Raven, Blogjet, Windows Live Writer, Post2Blog, Blogdesk, Scribefire, the list goes on. I tried them and liked some, others I thought had good ideas but didn’t really come through and deliver.

Then I found Chrysanth Webstory…ten minutes after setup and I’m sold.

Don’t take My word for it, DO your research. Not just my links but look around, and if you find anything negative about it let me know. This post IS literally 30mins into the use of Webstory and I’ve still got a lot of testing to go. Check out what CNET has to say about it HERE, and see the 4.5 out of 5 star rating they gave along with the comment OUTSTANDING.

So now I do some cut and pasting of the essentials from the Webstory site, mainly bullet points.

What WebStory has to offer?

WebStory supports a wide range of blog services, blog servers, twitter, picasa and flickr. You have Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Blog.com, Livejournal, Drupal, Movable Type, and many more. WebStory comes with a WYSIWYG blog editor that makes it an extremely useful desktop blog management software.

  • back up all online entries
  • write and save your blog post offline
  • update your published post instantly
  • powerful and intuitive WYSIWYG blog editor
  • preview your blog post
  • manage multiple blogs, microblogs and web albums simultaneously
  • automatically upload your blog photos
  • synchronize multiple blogs
  • Twitter support
  • web albums support like Flickr and Picasa
  • support for various blog servers and services
  • protect your database
  • spell check and thesaurus support
  • and more…

“No matter you are a pro-blogger, or someone who’s new to blogging, you will find a truly different blogging experience with WebStory. Beginners with no knowledge in HTML or CSS will start blogging avidly in no time with its user-friendly interface. Advanced users will welcome the hassle-free approach to managing and maintaining their blogs.”

That’s what they say, more or less.

What I say, is it took me 5 minutes to set up.

It downloaded my blog in about a minute (if you’re a power blogger I’m not sure how it’ll go downloading all your posts, have a look, you might be able to only download the last few. Not sure)

I had my post I could edit on my computer, and it has a preview function so I can see what it’ll look like when I post (a setting in setup downloads for WordPress, not sure if it’s supported with other blogs, I’ll have a look)

I can see all my pages, create new pages, edit pages, set page order, and pretty much everything I’ve been looking for in a user friendly, well designed piece of software.

So, what bad things can I say about it. Well I’m not sure about the system they have with credits. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably never have to pay a cent for this software. It’s TOTALLY FREE. 

With Free Activation you are limited to 3 updates per day for blogs and 5 per day for microblogs (Not sure how this works for posting one post to multiple blogs? I’ll have a look and update). But you have unlimited account activation and as far as I can see you get full access to everything this blogging arsenal has to offer. This should be enough for my limited use right now, though with all the hassle taken out of sorting the blogging out I’ll likely post more. Big_smile

For you power users out there, you can buy “credits” and use them to purchase Professional Activation. It’s like a monthly subscription I guess you’d say. And at 10 credits per month, when 10 credits costs 1 € (1 EUR = 1.26600USD : 1 EUR = 1.58070 NZD) it seams well worth it.

Now if you go looking you’ll see that I do get some renumeration for posting about this product. Nothing special, anyone else can get the same for blogging about this awesome product. And it is real easy to find good things to say about it, so if you have a spot on your blog for reviews, you should definatelly add a Webstory review there.

Now I can’t really say “in conclusion”, as I intend to update, add and continue to review this product for as long as I use it. Which should be some time to come. So I’ll stop around here and leave you with a few links. Hope you found my babble contained enough information for you to get a fair idea of Webstory and that you go and try it for yourself, I’d like to hear how you fare. Comment away about what you think of it.

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Chrysanth Webstory Website Download

CNET Website Download



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